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CING was started in January of 2009 after Nathan Mendel attended a networking event where he was flanked by a toner refill salesman on one side and a home based business person on the other.  He thought, “there’s got to be a group of construction professionals that I can talk to about things that are going on in MY industry”.  After looking around and being unable to find any, he started this group as a result.

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Our members come from all facets of the construction and design industries from the greater Metro Denver area. From general contractors to subcontractors, architects to interior designers, residential to commercial, this group is open to anyone with a tie to the construction field. There are no limits to the number of folks that can attend in any given trade. We have found that there are simply too many niches within trades to try to put a cap on membership. For instance, if we have two general contractors, one of them might focus on commercial tenant finish work while the other is a residential remodeler. In fact, we have found that there are more benefits to having multiple firms per trade than there are downsides.

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